LMFAO Still 'On The Hiatus Tip,' Sky Blu Says

'LMFAO gonna come back, but we gonna do it right,' Sky assures MTV News.

Donning almost exclusively spandex, Sky Blu and Redfoo stormed the charts as the party-rocking duo known as LMFAO. Together they released fun-loving, fist-pumping dance tracks about being sexy (and knowing it) and taking shots. But last September, LMFAO announced the party was over and that they'd be going on hiatus to pursue projects outside of the leopard-print-wearing group.

Now, with Sky Blu about to drop his solo album, Rebel Music, on July 4, it seems that LMFAO's break is more indefinite than fans had anticipated.

"It's on the hiatus tip because situations happen where me and Foo have been together 10 years strong, working, doing our thing, and LMFAO's been together for about seven. And we've had a great success, and that whole success was based on an organic lifestyle, an organic situation in the studio. And so for that to come out the right way, we got to allow it to have time to breathe," Sky told MTV News. "People [are] always [like], 'Well, we want LMFAO.' OK, well, you didn't want LMFAO before LMFAO got hot. So slow down. LMFAO gonna come back, but we gonna do it right. We're not gonna rush. Nothing can make us rush."

He continued, "We'll definitely satisfy that thirst for [the fans] because it's important. I know how important it is, and so does Foo.

But at this time in our lives — I'm 26 years old and I got some stuff on my chest I need to get off, too. You'll see! This is just the first installment. I got records. This is my first album and then I got more."

Just because they aren't making music together, however, doesn't mean that they aren't in contact. Uncle Foo and his nephew, Sky, have chatted recently, just not about his solo project. "I saw him the other day. He hasn't yet [heard the music]. He's in Australia doing his thing," Sky said. "He's doing it big. He's doing the tennis and he's doing 'The X Factor' [in Australia, where he's a judge]. He's busy. He's super busy."

Sky, of course, is gearing up for his own album release, which may or may not inform the sound of a future LMFAO album. The band's Sorry for Party Rocking, released in 2011, spawned hits including the title track, "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It."

"I don't know. I have more records to perform, but I think what I'm doing is separate. I'm a different artist from LMFAO. LMFAO is definitely a part of me, but that's a brand. That's a lifestyle," he said. "I'm Sky Blu. I'm a bunch of different things. I'm a person. I go through ups and downs ... so that's what I express in music, who I am truly. LMFAO is the movie."