Little Mix Open To Doing 'Collaby-Wabby' With One Direction

1D/Little Mix mash-up 'Rock My DNA' is 'cool' and 'clever,' girl group tells MTV News.

The dreams of those longing for a collaboration between One Direction and Little Mix came true last week when a mash-up called "Rock My DNA" dropped. The tune seamlessly takes the elements of 1D's "Rock Me" and Little Mix's "DNA" and reimagines them as a big, stomping pop song, with the members of each group trading lines about being in love.

The remix combines the forces of the Little Mix cut off their debut album of the same name with 1D's Take Me Home jam, whose lyrics perfectly complement one another. And, yes, it has the seal of approval from the ladies, who gushed about it.

"It's really good. I looked it up on YouTube. It's cool. It's really clever how it's done," Jade Thirlwall told MTV News about the track, which was remixed by Earlvin Jules Soco. "It's actually quite cool. I enjoyed it."

Considering that 1D and Little Mix have such intertwined careers (they both competed on "The X Factor" in the U.K., and LM's Perrie Edwards is romantically linked to 1D's Zayn Malik), fans might be even more amped to hear a proper duet between the two groups now that they have been blasting "Rock My DNA" on repeat.

"We might do a little collaby-wabby with them," Jesy Nelson teased. "Like maybe not do an actual song with them because they're very different. We have completely different styles, so I'm not really sure how that works unless it was like a ballad or something. But we'd like to maybe do a mash-up."

Until that day, Little Mix are celebrating the success of DNA, which in its debut week on Billboard's albums chart charted one spot higher than the Spice Girls' debut, Spice, from back in 1997. And Little Mix can't quite believe they have been so warmly embraced by U.S. pop fans, who are gobbling up their new-millennium message of girl power.

"It was amazing. I don't think any of us ever expected to ever get in the top five. And to beat the Spice Girls was even more incredible 'cause they are like our idols," Nelson said. "We looked up to them when we were younger. They've led the way for British girl groups to crack America, and it feels lovely that we've done it as well."