Austin Mahone Flexes Muscles, Reveals Celebrity Crushes: Watch It Here!

'What About Love' singer stops by the Newsroom for 'Live From MTV' and gets a surprise pie in the face.

It was a very physical day for Austin Mahone, but at the end of "Live From MTV," he got rewarded with a meet-and-greet with his celebrity crush: Mila Kunis.

Now, if you just forget that Mila was just a cardboard cutout, Austin got a lot of things accomplished Monday (June 10). Along with releasing the video for "What About Love" and having his song reach #5 on the iTunes charts, the pop singer killed it in a game of hoops with his fans and showed off his guns by doing 30 pushups in 30 seconds.

MTV's 30-minute live stream kicked off by talking about the new video. In his signature beanie, Trukfit chain and a "Where the Wild Things Are"-inspired T-shirt, Mahone explained the vibe he was going for in his latest clip. The video displays his Chris Brown dance moves, which he demonstrated to his cheering Mahomies in the audience. "I wanted to have a little old school, but a little new school in there," he said, revealing his musical influences of Backstreet Boys, David Guetta and Trey Songz — quite the mixed bag.

Fans in the audience and on Twitter got to ask Austin questions, but there was one question that host Christina Garibaldi wanted answered first: If the video was shot in Miami, and he's hardly seen without a hat, didn't he get hot with all the dancing?

"It was tough. I definitely lost a couple pounds," he joked.

Yeesh, then it might've been a bad day to come to the MTV Newsroom, where we had him get down and dirty on the floor for a pushup challenge. Austin accepted without hesitation and gave excited Mahomies half a minute of consistent muscle-busting — something they've already seen if they've scrolled through his Instagram account.

Other Instagram photos of Austin show him hanging with Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, and the "Say You're Just a Friend" singer dished on each photo's backstory, including eating "weird sushi stuff" with Taylor Swift.

And the challenges didn't stop there. Fans learned all about his love life, as Mahomie after Mahomie asked him about dating. "What's your favorite pickup line?" "When was your first kiss?" "Would you date older women?" Want to know the answers? Watch the entire show above to find out! And maybe you'll see Austin get a pie in the face in the process.