Icona Pop's 'I Don't Care' Inspiration? 'Dating Pigs'

'We wanted people to feel our anger,' Swedish duo say of their breakout breakup anthem.

Icona Pop were out for revenge when they recorded "I Love It," their breakout hit that doubles as a rather emphatic kiss-off to their exes ... and now that the song has become a certified smash, well, let's just say Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are enjoying its success just a bit more than they probably should be.

"We were going through similar stuff, with dating pigs, and things were not going our way. And when that song came along, we just felt it, and we wanted people to feel our anger," Jawo explained. "We felt the song was a strong song, and ... we just wanted to get the song out and get the pigs to hear it. You know who you are."

"Now, we meet them on the street when we're back home, and you're like 'Hi!' and they're like 'hi,'" Hjelt added. "And we're like 'Hahaha, thank you for the inspiration.'"

So while those exes probably wish "I Don't Care" would go away, the song shows no signs of slowing down here in the U.S. anytime soon; in fact, it's become a de facto anthem for anyone who's had their heart broken, and are looking for a little payback ... something the Swedish duo have witnessed every time they take the stage here in the states.

"It's a song with a lot of emotions, and when we play it live, it's so cool," Hjelt said. "People are putting their hands in the air, and they're singing to someone; you can feel it."

Icona Pop will look to build on all that momentum with the release of a full-length album later this summer through Big Beat/Altantic, one that they say will show off different sides of their personalities ... after all, they're not always this angry.

"It's coming out in the end of the summer, and we just went to LA to do the final mixing, and now it's done, it's finite, and it's on its way to mastering," Jawo said. "There's a lot of heartache [on the album], a lot of love drama, but still friendship, happiness. It's not going to be 12 songs that sound exactly like 'I Love It.' You're going to hear the journey we've been through over the past four-and-a-half years. It's going to be mayhem."

You've been warned, pigs.