360 Links With Wyclef, Waka Flocka To Start Beginning Of Forever

'I feel like this music is so good that it's going to change the rest of my life,' 360 tells Mixtape Daily of his new mixtape.

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Headliner: 360

Representing: Queens, New York

Mixtape: Beginning of Forever

Real Spit: Not everyone gets a chance to see their dreams pan out. Queens, New York rapper 360 took a leap of faith last year when dropped his Everywhere and Back for free. Today, 6-0 is a full-time rapper and after he drops his new project Beginning of Forever on Tuesday, he doesn't plan on ever looking back.

"When I wrote the first song 'Vision,' I started writing from a whole different perspective as from my last project Everywhere and Back," 360 told Mixtape Daily of his upcoming BOF. "When I came off that I'm writing for the purposes of, just coming into music period; now I'm writing from a perspective of competing with other rappers."

Not all rappers are 60's competition however, he has made some well-known friends along the way. Freddie Gibbs and Jadakiss lend a hand on 360's "Own Thing" remix, while Waka Flocka jumps on the aspirational "Vanity."

"I want it all, I want everything in this life," 60 sings on the hook.

There are a number of street-centered records like the chest-pounding "Realest in America," but on "Gotta Get It" 360 links with Wyclef Jean and shows his versatility on a song that proves he's thinking bigger than the block. "So when you first come into the game they try to label you/ Pave my own lane, 'cause that's what hard labor do," he spits before 'Clef sings a motivational chorus.

Chances are 360's dreams don't stop at releasing online albums free of charge, but if he's truly focused on forever, then his latest is a step in the right direction. "I feel like this music is so good that it's going to change the rest of my life," he said confidently.

Joints to Check For

» "Vanity" — "I actually got inspired for this song from Instagram. It's featuring Waka Flocka, it's the first single off this project. It's basically about how we get sucked into all the things in this cold world right here."

» "When I'm Gone" — "Basically y'all gonna need me right here and if I'm gone, music is in big trouble."