Kelly Clarkson Gets Ready For Married Life On 'Tie It Up'

Clarkson debuted wedding-themed, country-tinged single at CMA Music Festival over the weekend.

Kelly Clarkson is not only ready to walk down the aisle in her real life, but on her new single as well. On Saturday the singer took the stage at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, where she debuted her brand-new country-tinged track, "Tie It Up."

On the feisty tune, Clarkson proposes that she and her man, well, tie it up and marry one another. She sings, "Let's set the date/ Let's hire a band/ Let's cut the cake/ Tie up the cans ... Every wall needs a frame/ Every ball needs a chain/ I'm talkin' about tying the knot/ Tie it up."

While Clarkson has experimented in the world of country music before, this single veers more in that lane than her previous releases. During her set, the singer reportedly told the crowd that she was nervous to preview her new, twangier sound.

"This is my first official set at a country ... thing. I've been nervous all day because I wanted to be good for you!" she said during her set at the LP Field. "I'm secretly freaking out right now about where my ring is. I know Brandon is having a heart attack. Sorry baby, I love you! I got nervous about tonight so I probably took it off while doing something."

She also posted the art for the track on her Instagram. It features Clarkson in wedding attire, her left arm tied with rope to her significant other.

Clarkson announced her engagement to talent manager Brandon Blackstock last December.

Blackstock manages "The Voice" judge and country singer Blake Shelton, who confirmed he will perform and officiate at the festivities. Clarkson and Blackstock were introduced to one another by Blackstock's stepmother, Reba McEntire.

Last June, the "Tie It Up" singer opened up to Redbook magazine about her relationship with Blackstock. She said, "I know — where's the kick in the ass? I told my assistant that today. I said, 'I'm just waiting for something to blow up.' She said, 'No, that's what happiness is.' I'm like, 'Maybe I've never been happy!' Because Brandon does, he makes me happy."