Mac Miller, Most Dope Crew Pray For DJ Clockwork's Funny Raps: Watch Now!

Unreleased clip from MTV2's 'Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family' shows Mac begging the higher powers for a good verse.

Maybe Mac Miller needs to have just a little more faith in his Most Dope team — after all; he isn't the only one with rap talent.

In a special unreleased clip from MTV2's "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," Mac leads a prayer circle with Q, Dave, Peanut, Jimmy and DJ Clockwork, praying that Clock comes up with a suitable rhyme for a song that they were working on.

"Dear God, thank you for bringing us all here today in good health and good spirits," Mac said to start the prayer. "Please allow Clock to come up with something interesting. Please allow him to go in there and really, really put his soul into this song."

"It was a Most Dope song that Mac was producing and then we all rapped over it. They were all praying that I would have a good verse," Clock told MTV News of the clip that was just released on "It's all just us cutting up, having a good time. Fun rap, it ain't no crazy sh--. They're always just cuttin' up on me and sh--."

Ultimately, Clock says that he laid the verse on the unreleased song and it met Mac's high stands. Since then, the DJ has continued to dabble in rap. Back in March, Clock, Jimmy and Peanut dropped their first comedic mixtape as the Duck Hunters. The Duck Butter Vol.1 tape consists of eight goofy tracks. On Monday, they came out with the video for "Scoter (Wetwalls)," a filthy ode to sex.