Alley Boy's New Mixtape Is A War Cry From The Streets

New tape, released Monday, is 'a continuation' of N---anati and Purgatory, Alley Boy tells Mixtape Daily.

Alley Boy specializes in street music, and it doesn't seem the Atlanta rhyme-dealer will switch up much. If you were wondering what you can expect from his latest War Cry tape, all you have to do is revisit Alley's underground discography, which includes works like the raw N---anati, and the uncut Purgatory.

"This just a continuation for all the Alley Boy fans," he told Mixtape Daily about War Cry, which was released online for free Monday.

Before Alley fully gets on his mission, he reminds listeners of his discography on the tape's "Intro": "Dropped Purgatory, street classic/ Alley Boy just getting started/ Definition Pt. 2, we might torture who raised you," he rhymes in his distinct Southern drawl.

During the course of the tape, the Duct Tape Entertainment standout remains confrontational. On "Hate in Dey Face," he goes directly at those who dis him behind his back, but greet him with smiles. On "Mama's House," he links up with his DTE partner Trouble and threatens to bring the drama straight to his adversaries, even if it means camping out in front of their mother's home. "I'ma pull on ya mama, bird ass/ I heard you changed your whole number/ This n---a wanna hide the whole summer/ Green ass n---a, you sorry, you're a cucumber," he flows.

It isn't all murderous, however. On "I'm That," Alley Boy recruits Kirko Bangz to give him a radio-ready Auto-Tuned hook over a choice Key Wane beat, and then he gets introspective and emotional on "Love You," which draws inspiration from Alex Clare's hit "Too Close." "Am I not to love life or love Jesus Christ/ Because I was born with dark skin, it's already a stripe," he ponders.

By the end, War Cry proves Alley Boy is the same old G, but as with his previous tapes, he continues to exhibit music and lyrical growth — from a street perspective, of course.

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