Muse Took Inspiration From 'World War Z' To Make The 2nd Law

The band has a pair of songs on the soundtrack to Brad Pitt's upcoming apocalypse epic.

If Muse's end-of-days epic The 2nd Law seems custom-made for Brad Pitt's upcoming apoca-flick "World War Z" ... well, that's intentional. As it turns out, frontman Matthew Bellamy was engrossed with Max Brooks' novel (which the film is based on) while he and his bandmates were recording.

"When we were making the album, I was reading the book 'World War Z,' so it was kind of ideal. I didn't know about anything about the film at that time; I was just reading it because somebody told me it was a great book," he told MTV News. "And the album's got a lot of themes about the apocalypse, the end of the world, surviving in bleak circumstances ... it was just a lovely coincidence that we had these tracks that are inspired by the book."

Pitt also noticed that connection, and reached out to the band to have them contribute a pair of songs to the "World War Z" soundtrack. After years of searching for a signature theme, he finally found what was looking for on The 2nd Law.

"Two years ago, we wanted to find -- remember the theme from 'The Exorcist'? It's called 'Tubular Bells,' " he said. "We wanted to find something like that. At the same time, these guys were reading the book, unbeknownst to us, and were fans of the book. They wrote the album ... [and] on it, we found the song, 'The 2nd Law,' that we thought was exactly what we were looking for for the film. It just kind of worked out in a nice, kismet kind of way."

And though they're well versed in all things post-apocalyptic, it turns out that writing an album is about as far as Muse are willing to go when it comes to the subject. Seems they're content to watch the downfall of humanity play out on the big screen.

"Hopefully, we won't have to experience an apocalypse in our lifetime," drummer Dominic Howard laughed. "We'd be crap at surviving ... though, I suppose it would be kind of fun to go wild with guns."