Why 'The Internship' Isn't 'Wedding Crashers: Office Edition'

'The thing we keep hearing about is all the optimism and heart that the movie has,' Vince Vaughn told MTV News.

It's been eight years since Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made some bad decisions in the blockbuster comedy "Wedding Crashers," and the two will reunite this week — as washed-up watch salesmen hoping for a fresh start at Google — in the film "The Internship." But just don't expect "Wedding Crashers: Office Edition."

For one, the raunch-factor has been ratcheted down for this PG-13 rated film; for another, "The Internship" touts an uplifting message that probably would have been lost on perpetual-partiers John and Jeremy.

"The audience reaction to the film has been tremendous, and the thing we keep hearing about is all the optimism and heart that the movie has," Vaughn told MTV news. "The movie is really funny with a lot of great turns."

Perhaps what's resonated most with audiences isn't the laughs but the film's examination of the pursuit of the American Dream in the midst of a fraught, unfriendly economy.

"The movie is really about what's going on now," Vaughn continued. "A lot of young people who are entering the workforce — there's a lot of fear about what kind of jobs are out there, and people who are older are losing jobs. So I think the movie really takes people who are put in a position that feels fearful or things have gone against them, that they're willing to kind of humble themselves and not give up on a dream and try to believe in themselves even when things present themselves not to be so easy. And I think that's something that all of us can really relate to."

Enter industry giant Google — where Vince and Owen's characters hope to realize their dreams by entering a highly competitive internship program. Though the film could ostensibly have been set at any company, Wilson said Google typifies the sort of tech-savvy environments today's jobseekers gravitate towards.

"I think that it does sort of seem like if you're going to give people a chance to sort of restart and have a new opportunity for a new beginning, that right now, the place that you'd want to get a new chance at is out here in California at one of these tech companies," he said. "I think that there is a reason there is this fascination with Google, and that's because the company has done so well but also has a new approach of what the work environment can be."

"The Internship" hits theaters Friday (June 7).