Gunplay Wrote 'Bible On The Dash' 'On The Run'

'I wanted to do harm to the person that called the police on me,' the MMG MC tells 'RapFix Live.'

Gunplay has a certain way of handling things in the street, but instead of resorting to his old ways when a warrant was put out for his arrest back in October, the Maybach Music rapper stepped into the recording booth and let it all out.

"I wrote 'Bible on the Dash' when I was on the run," Gun said of his buzzing single when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday. "I had the beat for a year, and I knew not to play with that beat. That wasn't a beat you just rap on. That's a beat you let it all out on."

Last October, Gunplay turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection to an April 2012 robbery. The Miami-based rapper eventually saw the charges dropped but not before he was locked up and then ordered on house arrest. Clearly there was a lot on his mind, and he addressed it all on "Bible on the Dash," a song that originally appeared on Gun's September 2012 601 & Snort mixtape and then again on Rick Ross' The Black Bar Mitzvah tape a month later.

Gun finally got off of house arrest in February, and last month he decided to release a video for the fan-favorite track.

"At the time I was on the run, and there was a lot goin' on in my mind, and I wanted to do harm to the person that called the police on me. I really wanted to, deep in my heart," he revealed. "I'ma hands-on type of guy. To let this one slide in order to see a brighter future is real hard to do."

Rather than compound his problems, Gunplay decided to just let it all out on the song. "I have a problem and a plan, a revolver in my hand/ I'm tryna keep it cold, but y'all won't understand/ That's why I roll with a bible on the dash," he chants on the song's hook.

In the song's verses, he questions his own faith. "I ask the pastor, what's the fastest way to Heaven for a bastard/ With a tarnished past, give me an honest answer," he raps before pondering: "Am I gonna get the slammer or the casket?"

With that much introspection, it isn't hard to see why the track has become an underground hit. "I like to let the streets dictate what my single is and what music they like from me. And they been screaming 'Bible on the Dash' since I dropped it on my mixtape," Gun said.