Papoose Crashes 'RapFix Live' Set To Freestyle

Forget Summer Jam — Papoose found a new audience to surprise.

Papoose is a man who knows what he wants. The self-proclaimed King of New York surprised hip-hop fans when he stormed the stage unannounced at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert on Sunday night in New Jersey. Then, on Wednesday (June 5), Pap did it again when he crashed the "RapFix Live" set with a special freestyle.

"I thugged my way up on the Summer Jam stage/ Me and Kendrick Lamar, we on the same page/ Rick Ross and Wayne was on the stage too/ Only person everybody talkin' 'bout is Papoose," the Brooklyn MC barked right after he shoved "RFL" host Sway Calloway off-camera.

Since he went through all the trouble, after performing the tailor-made rhyme, Sway invited Pap on the couch for a quick interview. "I just feel like New York artists is not getting their just due," he began, explaining why he overtook the Summer Jam stage the way he did. "I just woke up with a certain determination in my mind. I looked at the bill for Summer Jam and I said, 'You know what? I'm gonna place myself right there.' "

On Sunday, after Kendrick Lamar ended his set a few minutes early, Pap and producer Ron Browz marched out to the tune of their new single from Papoose's The Nacirema Dream LP, "Get At Me." Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden and the entire MetLife stadium were shocked at the surprise performance and Pap quickly saw his name trending on Twitter after the bold stunt.

The next day, the BK lyricist explained that it was his buddy Kendrick who allowed him to use the last few minutes of his own set — and according to Pap, he and K-Dot took a little bit of backlash for pulling a fast one on the Hot 97 brass. "You take the bitter with the sweet," he reasoned with Sway.

In the end, Papoose encouraged all up-and-coming MCs to take chances, even if meant potentially damaging a relationship or two. "I was gonna touch that stage regardless of who or what, and I did it, man," he said. "I encourage everybody out there who believes in their self to do the same."