Kelly Rowland 'Checked Out' From Friendship With Beyonce

Weeks after dropping 'Dirty Laundry,' Rowland opens up about what inspired her Talk a Good Game single.

Weeks after Kelly Rowland showed the world her "Dirty Laundry," the former Destiny's Child member is opening up about what might have caused the rift between her and Beyoncé — the very one she references on her candid Talk a Good Game single.

In an interview with "Omg! Insider," the singer says it was she who "checked out for a minute" during their friendship, and that, these days, their relationship is as strong as ever.

"I think the people wanted those stories for years, and that's just so sad on them because it's not like that," Rowland said. "It's so crazy, and I just think it's so sad that we live in a world where people don't want to see women get along and encourage and empower each other, and that's what we do for each other.

"I love my sister, and she is so incredibly supportive — one of the closest people to me," the season three "X Factor" judge said. "I love her to death, and I love being an aunt [to B's daughter, Blue Ivy]."

It's not just Beyoncé who has stood by the singer's side through thick and thin — so did her entire inner circle, including former DC member Michelle Williams. "I definitely think it makes friendship stronger," Rowland said. "And I'm so grateful for her [Beyoncé], for Michelle, for [my cousin] Angie, for Solange, for my mama, [Tina Knowles] ... for being incredible women in my life and always lifting me up."

In addition to opening up about her jealousy over B's superstar status on "Dirty Laundry," Rowland also referred to a past abusive relationship — the one the girl group might have been referencing on their 2005 single "Girl."

"They were talking to me. Those ladies know me better than anybody," Rowland told "Omg! Insider" of her Destiny's Child bandmates. "At that time ... I couldn't hear it. I was really just going in my own path. I was trying to find my way.

"He's a different person now," Rowland said of the ex-boyfriend. "He's a better person now. I had to walk away. You just get tired. You get tired of not being happy. That's not a life you want to live."

Beyond showing Rowland emotional support over the years, Beyoncé and Williams will also appear on her June 18 album on the track "You've Changed."