Kristen Stewart Rakes In Roles With 'Camp X-Ray,' 'Sils Maria'

Former 'Twilight' actress adds two more movies to filming schedule.

Kristen Stewart may be done with the "Twilight" saga, but she's got plenty in store for her fans — if they can grow as much as she hopes to as an actress.

Stewart is set to star in back-to-back projects that begin shooting this summer. According to, she signed up to play the lead in "Camp X-Ray," a military drama about Guantanamo Bay directed by Peter Sattler, and "Sils Maria," a character study by director Olivier Assayas.

"Camp X-Ray" follows a young woman who enlists in the army to escape her small-town existence, only to find herself stationed at Guantanamo Bay. After struggling to maintain authority over the Muslim men she's assigned to watch, she befriends a young man who is imprisoned in the facility for eight years.

"Sils Maria," meanwhile, co-stars Juliette Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz, and focuses on an aging actress (Binoche) who becomes fascinated by a young counterpart (Moretz). The younger actress works on reinventing a role that made the older actress popular and famous when she was beginning her career. Stewart reportedly plays Binoche's character's assistant.

The two projects follow a couple of rumored films that Stewart is supposed to also be working on, the dramedy "The Big Shoe" with Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess, and "Snow White and the Huntsman 2," which does not yet have a director, although she and co-star Chris Hemsworth are currently rumored to be returning.

Stewart wrapped up the "Twilight" saga last year with the release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," where she completed the journey of her character, Bella Swan. She more or less immediately followed that up with a memorable performance in Walter Salles' adaptation of the iconic beat generation novel "On The Road."