Miley Cyrus Wants 'We Can't Stop' To Be 'Biggest Song In The World'

MTV News cameras were with Miley as she hit Silicon Valley to promote her buzzy new single on Monday.

Miley Cyrus officially launched her next chapter on Monday when she dropped her brand-new track, "We Can't Stop." The Mike Will Made It-produced tune quickly reached viral levels on its release day, trending on Twitter, lighting up iTunes charts across the globe and getting some love from friends like Demi Lovato and Juicy J.

And MTV News was with Cyrus as she hit the ground running to promote the lead single off her highly anticipated 2013 album, which is set to drop later this year. The singer made stops across California, starting with Ryan Seacrest's radio show in Los Angeles, where she premiered the tune. She then headed off to hang out with the tech crowd at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

"Silicon Valley, I'm on my way right now. Basically just gonna go talk about 'We Can't Stop' some more," she shared as our cameras traveled along with her.

Cyrus also opened up about her hopes for the party anthem, which celebrates having a good time and loving who you are.

"Like the song says, we can love who we want. I'm really free about the way I feel and who I am," she explained. "Of course, I want people to love my music, but it's like, at the end of the day I make music for me. I make music 'cause I love it and I know, like I said, I put good energy into it. I want to make this song the biggest song in the world."

The video for "We Can't Stop" will debut next week. She filmed it a week ago in L.A., where she donned lots of white spandex on set with Mike Will.