Miley Cyrus 'Can't Stop' Hyping Fans For 'RiDONKulous' New Video

Smilers gush in anticipation of 'We Can't Stop' vid, coming next week.

Miley Cyrus can't stop, and her fans are totally cool with it. The day after Miley premiered her new single, "We Can't Stop," the 20-year-old singer has fans hyped for what's next, including the music video, slated for release next week.

On Tuesday (June 4), the singer tweeted about seeing an early cut of the clip, shot in L.A. last week. "Just watched #wecantstop 1st edit #musicvideo #riDONKulous," Miley tweeted, later posting a still featuring the singer in a white spandex bottom and crop top, laying on the ground with several extras.

"Reading @MileyCyrus tweets and screaming everytime she tweets about #WeCantStop," @RockMafiaEnglnd wrote about all the singer's updates since she dropped the single on Monday.

In addition to wanting to know every move the singer makes next, the tune has become quite the addiction for the Smilers, with @mykidrauhlovato writing, "I have listened to #wecantstop more than 5288489983385 times. can't get over it. @MileyCyrus."

Fans are even getting into the fun by inventing their own hashtags for the Mike Will Made It-produced tune, the lead single off Miley's album, due out later this year: "#cantstoplisteningtothesong," @andonovian13 wrote.

It's been three years since Miley dropped a new album — her last release was 2010's Can't Be Tamed — and fans are feeling her new, more mature image and sound. "I love We Can't Stop. This part: 'It's my mouth I can say what I want to' just killing me. @MileyCyrus U r bak, bby," @AuriLR tweeted.

@Oficial_MsHoran added, "I missed so much miley cyrus music !!! #WeCantStop Is Perfect to meeeeeeee ! Thank U @MileyCyrus I Love you."

In fact, the song is converting music lovers into Miley fans, with @bvalle_TW chiming in: "Wasn't a big Fan of your music, but I'm LOVING #wecantstop. AWESOME song! Cant wait to hear more and see whats next!!"

On Instagram, a listener noted that the tune has become a part of her daily routine. Fan @thatsheart shared, "Getting ready for the day andddd listening to @MileyCyrus' new song! I'm obsessed with it!!!! #wecantstop."

Facebook was also flooded with fans who feel the former Disney princess has promoted herself to a higher rank in the pop echelon. Lucy Brown was one of the many who referred to her as a queen. She wrote, "Such a dope tuneee #thequeenisback."

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