Who Brought Papoose To Summer Jam?

Kendrick Lamar is behind the surprise appearance, which bewildered Hot 97 crowd on Sunday.

Hot 97's Summer Jam is all about the element of surprise, and Brooklyn rapper Papoose sure surprised MetLife Stadium when he marched out onstage right after Kendrick Lamar on Sunday night when everyone was hoping Jay-Z would emerge.

The crowd at the 20th annual Summer Jam was bewildered after K-Dot closed his set with the kinetic "m.A.A.d city" and without any forewarning turned the stage over to Pap, who performed his new single "Get at Me," from his recently released The Nacirema Dream LP.

At first, no one knew who had greenlit the self-proclaimed King of New York's performance, but now it appears that it was Kendrick himself who put Papoose on the Summer Jam guest list.

According to Hot 97 morning-show host Peter Rosenberg, members of the Top Dawg Entertainment team had given him a heads-up on Pap's performance; he just forgot to tell the station's program director, Ebro Darden. "He's like, 'Listen, Pap's looked out for Kendrick for a long time,' " Rosenberg

target="_blank">said on air Monday morning (June 3), without clarifying which member of TDE brass he had spoken to.

"I'm not mad at that," Darden responded. "What do I do? Do I cut Papoose off? It's still on Kendrick's time."

Last night, however, there was much miscommunication, as evidenced by Darden's tweets. "The audience was so confused," he wrote Sunday, before Pap confronted him on the social networking site.

"@oldmanebro what the [f---] are u talking about? U know whatsup stop playing stupid," Papoose wrote before promising that he would call in to Hot 97 Monday to discuss.