'The Wanted Life' Reveals How 'Serious' Nathan Sykes' Vocal Trouble Was

'We could hear that he was getting ill but no indication that there was a serious problem,' Jay McGuiness says of E! show's premiere episode.

After watching the trailer for "The Wanted Life," boy band The Wanted's new reality TV show, it seems safe to assume they expected to accomplish two things when they signed on: make music and have fun. And though they did both during taping for the E! show, there's one thing they definitely didn't expect to happen while in L.A.

"We've had an extensive touring and traveling schedule for the past year, and Nathan [Sykes] is singing really hard and different songs and has a lot to do. We could hear that he was getting ill, going on and off, but no indication that there was a serious problem," Jay McGuiness told MTV News when the band stopped by last Friday.

The boys go from long days in the studio to long nights partying in the episode that premiered Sunday night. Then one day, Sykes steps offstage and complains of vocal soreness. At the time, McGuiness said he didn't foresee it as an issue though. In fact, the U.K. singer thought it might add buzz to the plotlines!

"As the show started, we slowly realized it was getting serious and the producers were all like, 'Hopefully, he's OK,' and I was like, 'Yes! This is adding drama to the show."

The group wasn't prepared for how severe the injury would be for Sykes, who had to undergo vocal cord surgery. The recovery eventually required him to leave the group for an "unforeseen hiatus" (which fans will get to see this season on the show). Suddenly, the Wanted were down a band member.

"The moment you see Nathan come around from his operation, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry because one second he's up there on top of the world," Max George said of Sykes making jokes in the hospital. "And the next minute, it hit him. And you can go completely low and be upset, but I think the moment you see him come around is really going to hit home with fans and how serious it was."

Nearly 90 days after the surgery, Sykes is on the mend, and the guys revealed that he has been taking vocal lessons while they wait for the doctor to clear him to rejoin the group. "The surgery was completely successful but it's just road to recovery and seeing what the doctor says about his voice being fully recovered or forever wounded," McGuiness explained.

And there's a chance TWFanmily could see Sykes back onstage as early as this week.

"We found out it might be quicker than what we thought. There is a new objective, which is Summertime Ball," Tom Parker said about the event, set for June 9 at London's Wembley Stadium. "But we don't know; we think it's too early, but we will see."