J. Cole's 'N---az Know': What We Learned On The Brand-New Track

North Carolina spitter uses his flow and wordplay to give fans a glimpse into his real life.

We can expect J. Cole to beat his chest from now until June 18, the day his sophomore LP tBorn Sinner hits retail right alongside Kanye West's much-anticipated Yeezus. On Thursday night, the Roc Nation MC dropped off "N---az Know," a new lyric-fest that will more than likely appear on his new album.

More than anything, the Fayetteville, North Carolina spitter uses the song to display his well-timed flow and expert wordplay, but like with just about any Cole song, he sprinkles glimpses into his real life. If you listen close to "N---az Know" you just may learn a thing or two.

Cole Has Love For B.I.G.

Jermaine has gone on record citing Tupac and Nas as two of his favorite MCs, but on "N---az Know," he starts out by showing great appreciation for the Notorious B.I.G. "Armed and dangerous," he spits with his opening bars mimicking Biggie's exact cadence on 1997's awe-inspiring "Notorious Thugs."

Even With His Stardom, He Still Had To Pay Off School Loans

Cole moved up to New York City to attend St. John's University and while it all paid off in the end, for years, the then-rising MC was surely burdened with tuition payments. Cole wasn't quite able to pay off those bills immediately after he signed to Roc Nation, it took some time. "Five steps like Dru Hill, came home from the first tour/ With bad credit and school bill, middle finger to the bursar," he cleverly raps.

Cole Has Since Made A Million Off His Flow

Despite his cash-strapped come-up, Cole persevered. His 2011 debut album hit #1 on the Billboard charts in its first week, has since gone gold and spawned a multiplatinum single ("Work Out"). Add his lucrative tours and sold-out shows, and it's simple to see how Cole ended up in a whole other tax bracket. "Made a mil off the flow, make sure these n---az know," he raps.

But Who Jacked That Million-Dollar Flow

J. Cole makes a pretty huge accusation: "Stole a n---a flow, I could sue ya n---as/ Better yet put a hot one through y'all n---as."

Only thing is Cole doesn't name any names. Venture to guess?

No More Mr. Nice Guy, Hello Mr. Nice Watch

We always knew Jermaine had a thing for fancy timepieces. On his first album he offered up "Mr. Nice Watch" and it looks like on Born Sinner his tastes haven't changed. On "N---az Know" he shouts out his wrist wear not once, but twice. "Country ass n---a with a Audemar, can't spell the sh-- but I order more," he raps toward the beginning of the track before latter spitting: "$30 grand and that's just for the wristwatch/ Hate to brag but backpacker that's hip-hop."