Judith Hill Has Mixed Feelings About Surprise 'Voice' Elimination

'It feels a little weird,' the singer tells MTV News.

If Tuesday night's eliminations on "The Voice" had you up in arms, you weren't the only one. Judith Hill's surprise exit from the competition series elicited a nationwide gasp, even causing a controversial outburst from coach Adam Levine.

"Yeah, I don't think he meant it literally," Hill told MTV News of Levine's "I hate this country" joke. "I think he was just more in the moment. He's a passionate guy and I think he's just really emotional about the elimination night because it was both Sarah and I so it was a big hit for him."

Experienced as Michael Jackson's former backup singer, Hill was deemed the frontrunner from the start. But the title isn't always advantageous, as Hill found out the hard way when she and fellow Team Adam member Sarah Simmons received the lowest votes and found themselves on the outs.

"It was really stressful like 'Oh my god', now I've got this weird expectation like people are perceiving me in a certain way," she said, admitting she didn't always handle the stress well.

During blind auditions, Hill created a four-way tussle amongst the coaches to have her on their team. "I'm gonna claw everyone's face ... I'm gonna light myself on fire to make sure you're on my team," Levine said before winning over Hill.

Week after week, Hill outperformed herself, including delivering a dynamic final performance on Monday's night's show to will.i.am's "#thatPOWER."

Despite her accomplishments, Hill still has mixed emotions about the results, "You know, I get to the top eight, and I feel like I'm proud. I'm happy I got this far, you know, but everyone's like 'I'm so shocked,' it's almost like a disappointment rather than an accomplishment to make the top eight, so it feels a little weird," Hill revealed.

With all that behind her now, Hill also admitted she has "no regrets" and is looking forward to creating more of her soul/funk styled music for the masses and preparing for the release of "20 Feet From Stardom," a documentary tracking the journey of backup singers, including herself and legends like Darlene Love.

With only a few shows left, Hill believes it's anyone's game on "The Voice" now, noting the domination of country artists who comprise four of the final six. They will face off Monday night once again as live rounds continue.