Ke$ha Showering Her Fans With 'Machine Gun Love' On Her Summer Tour

'Crazy Kids' singer tells MTV News her tour with Pitbull is all about being 'wild as hell.'

Ke$ha loves animals. And not just the furry kind, but also her fans, who have been lovingly given that nickname. That's why everything she does is for her Animals, including her live shows.

That's why everything she's doing as she hits the road with Pitbull for their raucous summer trek is for her fans.

"Well, first of all, I love you guys. I really do," she told her fans during Tuesday night's "MTV First" when she sat down with MTV News to premiere her "Crazy Kids" video. "Without you here, supporting me and liking my music, I'd still be a waitress, and a very terrible one at that. So, thank you for your love and support. And I really think that I bond with my fans because I feel like we're all kind of in this together."

She continued, "I write songs that are not just for me. I feel like I write songs for us. I want songs for us to feel amazing and to have the best night of our lives. So I mean hopefully people also relate to [the fact] I'm also kind of a misfit and I'm wild as hell. My show is a fun place for us to all get together and go totally [wild]."

A lot of that carpe diem attitude found its way onto her Warrior album release, which she dropped last November. "I wanted this record to be strong and empowering, but I didn't want to lose myself, which is at the core of who I am, is kind of jackass. So I wanted to still have that," she explained, noting that fans who come out to her shows this summer will be treated to a Warrior session track that didn't make it on to the album.

"One of my favorite ones is actually a song called 'Machine Gun Love.' I've been playing it because I like it so much. And I stand there and scream and it's so fun," she said. "I just wanted to mix sounds. I wanted to bring the essence of rock and roll, which is just being ballsy, but I very much wanted to make pop music. So I wanted to kind of mix the styles, which hopefully I've accomplished it a little bit. I know it's a long road."