Watch: Lady Gaga Gets A Gun In First 'Machete Kills' Trailer

The preview shows off the 'Grindhouse' spin-off's many cameos, including Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.

It was last summer that director Robert Rodriguez made the shocking announcement that music superstar Lady Gaga would be making her big-screen debut in his "Grindhouse" spin-off sequel, "Machete Kills," as a character named Lady Chameleon. The announcement would have been hard to believe if it wasn't for the in-character picture that accompanied it, and now there's a trailer showing in full femme fatale mode.

Providing just a few short glimpses of Lady Gaga, the first preview for "Machete Kills" just debuted over at Yahoo! OMG! En Español, and it looks just as insane as we expected. Danny Trejo is back in the title role, leading a cast that is essentially engineered to cause controversy.

In addition to Lady Gaga, "Machete Kills" also counts Mel Gibson, making a rare appearance as a maniacal arms dealer, and Charlie Sheen, playing the president of the United States and credited by his birth name, Carlos Estévez.

The trailer focuses mainly on the large and diverse cast, which also includes Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez and Cuba Gooding Jr.

"Machete Kills" is the first of two sequels that Rodriguez is producing this year alone. He is now in post-production on "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," the follow-up to his hyper-literal 2005 adaptation of the Frank Miller comic books. That movie also boasts a killer ensemble that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin and Eva Green. That film is scheduled for release this October.

"Machete Kills" opens in theaters on September 13.

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