Ke$ha Borrowed Riff Raff's 'Gangsta' Cornrows For 'Crazy Kids'

Warrior singer breaks down her music video style to MTV News.

Cornrows, massive gold rings and funky Elton John-inspired sunglasses define Ke$ha's eye-popping couture in her just-released "Crazy Kids" music video.

If you're wondering who may have inspired the pop star's latest look, well, she isn't denying that onetime "From G's To Gents" star Riff Raff may have been in her subconscious when she was styling the visual.

"Well I love Riff Raff. I love that reference," she told MTV News on Tuesday night during "MTV First" in response to comments that she resembles the former MTV star and rapper in the video.

She continued, "I just kind of have been braiding my hair a lot recently. I like kind of looking like a gangster. The hair, it took four hours to get it braided and I had to sleep in a do-rag. And, I'm just really proud of that hair."

So with Ke$ha's style inspiration (mostly) explained, the Warrior singer then went on to recall the birthday party that motivated her to write the track with, who appears in the video as a hologram.

"That particular birthday was really bad... and fun. But at the end of the night, I was having so much fun, at like 7 a.m.; I was literally jumping by myself on a mini trampoline going 'I'm having so much fun.' And then, for my birthday party, I got a tattoo artist, so everybody [who] came could get a tattoo to remember the night," she recalled. "And so I couldn't figure out what to get so I just got 'fun' tattooed on my foot. So now I have a tattoo to remember that night."

The tattoo and the new single are her reminders of that bash, which she says was also inspired by her equally crazy fans. "As I look around the room, there's a lot of kids with glitter and wild style and you like to express yourself, right? I feel like for those of us that like to express ourselves and aren't so concerned with being super-duper normal, that you're called kind of crazy a lot," she said. "And instead of it being a negative thing, I wanted it to be an anthem like, 'Yeah we're crazy!' "