What Brought Ke$ha And will.i.am Together? 'Tequila'

'Tequila's a very unifying thing,' Ke$ha tells MTV News of her 'recording' session with her 'Crazy Kids' collaborator.

Ke$ha knew she had found a kindred spirit in the Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am. So, when she was in the studio working on her latest Warrior single, "Crazy Kids," she wanted to get the song's co-writer to jump on the track, mostly because he provided the perfect verse for the celebratory jam.

"He and I wrote the song together, so it seemed like a natural thing for him to be on it, and his verse is really funny; he talks about boobies. Anytime somebody says anything about boobies, it's great — love it," the queen crazy kid herself told MTV News on Tuesday night when she sat down to premiere the visual for her latest Warrior single during "MTV First."

Sure, will doesn't physically appear in the video; instead a hologram of his face in an astronaut suit does while K parties with her real-life pet cat and bearded men. But Ke$ha and will's friendship had been solidified in the real world long before she shot the clip, when they were each working side by side in the studio.

"We were recording next door to each other, and we played this fun game that was, 'We're gonna play our music louder than the other one.' So by the end of the week, we both had just taken over the studio and we would go back and forth and take shots with each other and run around," she recalled. "He's like totally crazy also. And, you know, I feel like we just really vibed with each other. He's really positive energy and he's really fun. He's very childlike, which I feel like I'm kind of that way also. We just wrote this quickly... Tequila's a very unifying thing."

In addition to premiering her new music video, Ke$ha also wrapped up her MTV docu-series, "My Crazy Beautiful Life," Tuesday night. She's currently on her summer tour with fellow party monster Pitbull.