Ke$ha Babysits Puppies While Choosing Celebs To Babysit Her: Watch Now!

Pop star debuted 'Crazy Kids' video on 'MTV First' and teased 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' finale, airing tonight at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

We were hoping Ke$ha would bring her "Crazy Kids" cornrows to "MTV First" (or at least give host James Montgomery a few), but instead of seeing her new 'do from her just released video, fans got something else from the clip: two adorable pups.

That's right, after premiering "Crazy Kids" on Tuesday (May 28), a pair of fluffy white puppies joined the party, and the 30-minute interview on could begin.

The energetic Warrior pop star gave all honest answers when asked about her songs and her tour and revealed the premise of her show "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the finale for which airs Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET.

"My show is fun a place for us to get together and go totally f---ing apeshit," she said to her Animals in the audience, whom she said are her motivation to keep making music.

When fans weren't asking her questions and the singer wasn't asking them for feedback, she dished on how her music affects the Animals. "I want songs for us to feel amazing," Ke$h said.

"They'll say my music helped them in a really hard time in their lives," she told us about meeting fans. "Whether it be bullying or a workout or a breakup, whatever hard thing you have to get through. That's why I called Warrior 'warrior.' "

And like a true warrior, Ke$ha championed her way through all the challenges (a.k.a. "Name that Beard") MTV threw her way. "Like a 5-year-old. There'll be puppies and games..." she joked.

She played "2 Lies, 1 Truth" and MTV's favorite game: Kittyoke. And she even contributed a meowed version of a song herself. Watch the "First" and take your guess!

Ke$ha talked about filming her entire life, beards, drinking her own pee and her tour with Pitbull — it's the best part of her job, she admitted.

"Writing the record was amazing, filming the video is so fun, but really, the magical part of what I do is taking music and playing it for my fans," K said. "I'm just going to be playing music for the rest of the year.

She even had her hand in the tour's creative aspects and urged everyone to catch her onstage.

"I spent time designing screens, dancers, and I do a very dangerous thing," she teased.

Hmm... what could be more dangerous than Ke$ha on the road? We'll have to wait to find out.

"I have a lot more up my sleeve," she smirked.