Kelly Clarkson Dedicates 'People Like Us' Video To Her Fellow 'Misfits'

In her latest clip, Clarkson reminds her fans that differences really are what makes the world colorful.

Imagine a world where everyone's the same. Can't picture it? Well, in her latest video for "People Like Us," Kelly Clarkson is giving you a full picture — and it's pretty darn drab.

A salute to the outcasts and an anthem for the misunderstood, the video is appropriately empowering and unapologetically bold. It follows an olive-skinned, color-clad girl stuck in a black-and-white world as a stiff, stuffy band of doctors — Clarkson among them — question her, lay her on an operation table and altogether alienate her from their monochromatic world.

Clarkson dedicates the clip "to the damned, to the lost and forgotten," reminding them, "We come into this world unknown/ But know that we are not alone/ They try and knock us down/ But change is coming; it's our time now."

After she not-so-discreetly snaps a photo of her on the operating table with her Nokia phone — which just happens to stand out in a nearly neon yellow — Dr. Clarkson sneaks into the girl's room to escape with her. Her fellow white-coats try to chase the two down, but thankfully — in another brazen marketing ploy — there's a bright red BMW waiting for them to speed away in.

" People like us we've gotta stick together/ Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever / Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten/ It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom," Clarkson sings as she and her fellow fugitive speed through a tunnel that takes them to a beautiful, color-soaked world. Even the two men chasing them — in a dreary non-BMW sedan of some sort — are awe-struck by the magnificence of it all.

"People Like Us" is the latest single off Clarkson's Greatest Hits -- Chapter 1. The first single, "Catch My Breath," was a bonafide chart-topping hit, and "People Like Us" looks poised to make just as loud a statement.