Demi Lovato Is Like 'A Big Sister' To Zendaya Coleman

'It's nice to have someone to talk to because this is not the normal teenage situation,' Zendaya tells MTV News of her relationship with Lovato.

She's only 16 years old, but Zendaya Coleman already has her own hit Disney TV series, "Shake It Up," was runner-up on this season of "Dancing With the Stars" and is gearing up to release new music in July.

Still, she's not the first to accomplish so much so early in her career, and now, as she transitions from Disney star to pop star with her single "Replay," which will be released next month, she understands that she'll be compared to Disney starlets who have come before her.

"Everyone has done it differently, and my main thing is that I don't want people to compare me," Zendaya told MTV News. "Everybody has their own way of doing things and they do it great. It's beautiful to see people grow up, especially in this industry — it's hard. But for me, I'm gonna grow up like Zendaya would grow up. Who knows how that's gonna happen, but I think it's going to be pretty great because I have great parents."

She may not want the comparisons, but she will certainly take some advice. Earlier this month, Demi Lovato sat down with MTV News and described Zendaya as a "talented and beautiful" person before offering up some words of wisdom.

"My advice would just be to not let anything get you jaded. Just really appreciate. Be thankful for everything," Lovato said.

Her advice didn't stop there: When Zendaya met the "Heart Attack" singer, whom she calls "inspiring" and "genuine," Lovato made sure that Zendaya was aware that if she ever needed anything, she would only be a phone call away.

"She was just saying that she was very supportive of me and she wanted to know if there is anything that I needed or if I needed someone to talk to, because she definitely went through what I'm dealing with," Zendaya said. "She really did do this. This is what she had to do as well, and it's nice to have almost a big sister, mentor, someone to talk to because this is not the normal teenage situation. If I was a normal kid, I'd be at school right now, but it's our normal. It's nice to know that other people understand."