Fat Joe Needed 'Instagram' Warning: 'Joe, Don't Do It'

'You gotta reinvent yourself,' Fat Joe tells 'RapFix Live' of his 20-year career.

You just don't get a 20-year rap career by doing the same old same. When Fat Joe da Gangsta dropped his debut album Represent in 1993, he was about the twice the size he is now and a rap murder machine. It's a far cry from the smooth-talking, hit-making rapper that he has become.

"I just feel I'm getting better," Joe said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday. "You gotta reinvent yourself. I just feel like I'm getting better when I play with flows, a lot of rappers can't even change their flows."

Over the course of the past year, Joe has linked with Kanye West ("Pride N Joy"), Chris Brown ("Another Round") — both for the first time in his career — for some pretty impressive results. On Thursday, Joey Crack found another new collaborator in Future. Together they created "Love Me Long Time," an auto-tune laced song for the ladies.

Joe says he is just having fun, but his fellow Bronx, New York, MC French Montana insists that the Terror Squad leader isn't giving himself enough credit. "You gotta stop being humble now. Too many hits, all right, too many hits. Fat Joe been dropping hits since he started," Montana interjected. "Don't be humble no more, you gotta let them know."

While it is true that Joe has amassed an impressive list of singles like "Lean Back," "What's Luv?" and "We Thuggin'," he doesn't always hit the mark. His 2012 Internet release "Instagram That Hoe" didn't go over so well. "I wish somebody would've told me, 'Joe don't do it.' I played it for everybody in the studio, they was like, 'Yo, Joe that's hot,' " Crack said confirming that he got the thumbs up from not only DJ Khaled, but producers Cool & Dre, Juicy J and Rick Ross.

"[The] next day it was like assassination," Joe said laughing about fans' negative reaction to the track. "I thought it was fun. I have no rules."