Kim Kardashian To Find Out Baby's Gender On 'Keeping Up'

While cameras won't be rolling during the birth, they were there to capture the moment Kim finds out the gender of her baby.

Kim Kardashian might not let cameras roll when she gives birth, but they were when she found out the gender of her baby with Kanye West.

In a tease for the June 2 premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," viewers are taken into the examining room the moment the reality starlet learned if she is having a boy or girl. Surrounded by Khloe, Kourtney and Kris, Kim gets her sonogram, and the tease cuts off just after the mama Kris says, "Do you see a little pee-pee?"

Ryan Seacrest, who executive produces the show, confirms that the full reveal will take place on the show's season premiere next Sunday. The same day the teaser hit the Web, little sister Khloe released promo pics from the new season, featuring the entire clan looking fresh and preppy in a garden setting. Kanye is not featured in any of the shots.

In another tease released earlier this week, Kim exposes her growing baby bump and wonders just how she gained so much weight, asking, "How the f--- did I get like this?" Kim has faced lots of criticism about her weight gain over the course of her pregnancy, but also has received support from other celebrities including British pop singer Cheryl Cole.

Kim is reportedly due in July and invites have been sent out for her "garden chic" baby shower. When MTV News spoke to Kim's little sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, they shared they weren't quite ready to be aunts to Baby Kimye just yet.

"I mean we're all pretty excited," Kendall said. "It still hasn't hit me yet, so I don't know."