Best Coast Become 'Taylor Swift For Stoners' On New EP

Bethany Cosentino says band's new EP was inspired by none other than Taylor Swift.

Bethany Cosentino could release the new Best Coast EP today if she wanted to ... but figuring that stuff is hard, man.

"We recorded it a couple months ago in LA, but we're not on a label right now, so we're trying to work out a release plan, and a label and all that stuff that goes along with being a band," she sighed. "We were thinking about releasing it on our own, but we're too lazy. We just want other people to do everything for us."

Yes, while Cosentino put much of her hazy past behind her with 2012's The Only Place, it seems some habits are harder to break. So she and Bobb Bruno don't have a firm release date for the new five-song EP ("We're hoping to get it out in June," she said), and seem content to wait for the right label deal to come along. There's also no title yet, though Cosentino's got a frontrunner ... and it's rather appropriate.

"I really wanted to name it IDGAF, and maybe I still will," she said. "I'm stoked to do a third record, but I'm not really prepared for it yet, so we decided an EP was the best route to go. Like, get five of my songs out there, work on those and then focus on a record later on in the year."

And while she may not be sure about the new EP's title or release date, well, Cosentino does know where she drew inspiration for Best Coast's latest batch of songs ... and that includes Ms. Taylor Swift.

"There's one song that's a very standard, Best-Coast poppy jam; it was really influenced by Blondie," she said. "There's two slow songs, one of the slow songs is very Mazzy Star influenced, the other one is kinda heavy, a little bit like the Jesus and Mary Chain. And we got a Taylor-Swift inspired song. Apparently I'm the Taylor Swift for stoners; that's pretty tight."