'American Idol's' Angie Miller Says She'll 'Fight' To Make An Album Her Way

'I don't want to play every song behind the piano,' Miller tells MTV News of her post-'Idol' debut.

Wednesday is going to be a weird night for "American Idol" favorite Angie Miller ... mostly because, for the first time in more than three months, she doesn't have anything to do.

"It's different; I'm so used to having a show every week; so it's like 'Woah ... there's not going to be a live show Wednesday?!?'" she laughed. "I don't know what I'll do; I'm going to have to sing somewhere, because I'm going to miss it!"

Yes, after her elimination two weeks ago, and a performance with Adam Lambert on last week's "Idol" finale, Miller finally has some down time (at least until rehearsals for this summer's Idol's Live! Tour begin), and though she recently had a few days back home in Massachusetts — "It was weird, people would come up to me like 'Angie?!?' and I'd just say 'Yeah?'" she said — she hasn't exactly been taking it easy.

Instead, she's been promoting her post-"Idol" single, her show-stealing original "You Set Me Free," and beginning work on her debut album ... which, she said will show off all sides of her personality, no matter how hard the judges wanted her to remain firmly planted at the piano.

"It got frustrating, because I feel like they pegged me as only being good behind the piano," she said. "So I had to prove myself off the piano, and I feel the week I did 'I'll Stand By You' and 'Halo' was the week that I finally did that. It's important to me, because I don't want to play every song behind the piano.

"And on my album, I am totally going to fight for what I believe in, and I want the songs and the sounds to be one-hundred percent me," she continued. "I want the meanings of the songs to be what would come from my heart. I would love for every song to be co-written, or written by me, or have at least a piece of every song, so I know it comes from my heart."

So while her album is still in the early stages, Miller already is lining up a list of dream collaborators. And just like "Idol" champ Candice Miller — who's campaigning for a Drake cameo on her record — Angie's aiming big.

"I would love to do something with Jesse J and Adam Lambert. They're awesome. There are lots of artists that I'd love to work with, very different styles, too, like Bon Iver. I'd love to do something with him. He's such a great writer," she said. "I really do want an album that is very talented, musically. That's what I feel what lots of mainstream music right now is lacking; it's all beats and tracks. I want a very musically talented album that's very intricate and artistic."

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