Inside Beyonce's Tour: From Dance-Offs To Tonsillitis

Fans are getting an intimate look at the Mrs. Carter Show, thanks to behind-the-scenes clips.

This week the BeyHive is getting lots of stuff coming out of camp Beyoncé. With a leaked version of "Grown Woman" floating around the Net, some authorized looks at the currently underway Mrs. Carter Show have been released by the pop singer.

The videos give an intimate look at the folks who help put on the show every night, and just how dedicated Beyoncé is to putting on the best show every night. The eight clips, posted to Bey's YouTube account, track the world tour from early rehearsals, right up until the night Bey debuted "Grown Woman" in concert during a tour stop in Paris back in April.

The videos put the dancers and bandmembers in the spotlight, where they open up about joining Bey on the road, sharing with the cameras what they take with them to get through the ups and downs of travel.

Then, for those who couldn't score a ticket, it's opening night in Belgrade, Serbia on April 15, and fans from around the globe have traveled to the city to see the first night of the trek. Bey and her team stand in a big circle before the show, hyping themselves up by dancing and laughing.

But, it's not all dance-offs. The videos also shed light on her health problems. "I'm actually quite nervous because yesterday I was diagnosed with tonsillitis, hopefully I'll give Croatia a great concert. I'm gonna fight as hard as I can and I know that God has my back and God will protect me," she says in the video clip, filmed back in April, weeks before she postponed a show in Antwerp, Belgium on May 14 due to dehydration and exhaustion, which prompted an onslaught of pregnancy rumors. She took the stage in Belgium the next day against doctor's orders. In the clip, she takes the stage and performs "Halo" despite the tonsillitis.

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As the video series closes out, fans are left in Paris, where Bey played "Grown Woman," pleased that the audience liked the new track. "I'm so happy because a lot of the fans seemed to love the song," she tells the camera backstage.

No word on if Bey will drop more tour videos. She's currently abroad playing shows on the jaunt across the globe through June 1. Then she'll land Stateside on June 28, playing her first U.S. show in Los Angeles. She's also expected to drop a new album this year, but she hasn't confirmed a release date yet.