'American Idol' Champ Candice Glover Courts Drake For Her Debut Album

'I can't demand Drake to be on my album ... but I'm going to try' Glover says of her dream collaboration.

Say what you will about the just-completed 12th season of "American Idol," but at least they got the coronation song right.

That would be new champion Candice Glover's "I Am Beautiful," a shiny, soaring tune that doesn't shy away from sentiment, either. Sure, it may also stray from the jazz and R&B that won Glover the crown, but from the moment she first heard the song, she immediately felt a connection ... and knew it was the perfect song for her.

"I was going through coronation songs, and when I hit that one, I got teary-eyed. I was like 'Okay, I've been through this, and now that I'm past it, I want to help somebody who's going through it right now,'" Glover told MTV News. " Girls tweet me all the time about what the song means to them, guys too, and it makes me feel good, like 'Just because you don't look the way you want me to look, I still feel beautiful within myself.' It makes people feel accepted.

"'I Am Beautiful' was the second one I heard; I listened to some other ones, and went back, but every time I heard that one, I connected with it, like 'Oh my God,'" she continued. "When I first performed it on the show on Wednesday, I had to hold fight back tears, but Thursday, I just did the ugly cry and everything, just let it out."

And hey, at the very least, it isn't "No Boundaries." But inspirational message aside, there were still some Glover fans out there who were thrown by "Beautiful's" pop leanings ... to which Glover only has one thing to say: just wait until you hear her album.

"People were like 'This song is more pop that we've ever heard from you, why did you do all this jazzy, soulful R&B stuff on the show, and now you're putting out a pop record,'" she sighed. "I think I put that song out more for the message rather than the feel of it. When I put my album out, it will be more of an R&B vibe that I've been establishing on the show. So, don't worry."

That album is called Music Speaks, and it's already got a release date: July 16. And, as you can probably guess, Glover has big plans for it ... including a cameo from one of her favorite artists, Drake, who surprised her with a visit during her time on "Idol." It may seem like a long shot, but hey, as the newly-minted "American Idol" champ, Candice has some pull, now she's just trying to use it.

"I would love if Drake or the Weeknd would be on my album! I've been trying to reach out and get that done, as much as I can; I don't have any authority," she laughed. "I can't demand Drake to be on my album, he's been in the game for so long; but, I'm definitely going to try. That would be amazing!"

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