Demi Lovato Dishes Out Advice For Zendaya Coleman, Ariana Grande

'Heart Attack' singer tells stars like Fifth Harmony to never let go of their 'refreshing' energy.

Demi Lovato is only 20 years old, but that still makes her old enough to judge the upcoming talent that's following in her footsteps.

And working for the "X Factor" has helped her do just that, growing a relationship with girl group Fifth Harmony over the season. Off the show, Demi has advice for other burgeoning artists as well.

Take Zendaya Coleman for example. The singer/actress/dancer has gone from Disney's "Shake It Up" to "Dancing with the Stars"... and she's only 16.

"For her and a lot of other girls — I've become close with Fifth Harmony and I think Zendaya Coleman is so talented and beautiful — they have these long careers ahead of them," Lovato said after playing a fun game of kittyoke on "Live from MTV." My advice would just be to not let anything get you jaded. Just really appreciate. Be thankful for everything."

It's the ladies' crisp, new attitude that makes them stars, Demi said, but losing their fresh-faced outlook might bring them down. Luckily, for young stars like Ariana Grande, who's balancing her new TV show with releasing an album, their energy is in abundance.

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"With Ariana and Fifth Harmony, they have this energy about them that's so refreshing. And it's like, never let that go. Cuz I let it go, and now fortunately, I got it back, which some people don't get. But it's when you let it go of that that you start not enjoying this madness. And you start spiraling.