The Wanted 'Kind Of Copied Our Idea,' And Big Time Rush Don't Blame Them

'It's a good idea,' BTR's James Maslow says of the two groups paying tribute to boy bands past in recent music videos.

If great minds think alike, Big Time Rush and The Wanted must be brilliant.

Both boy bands recently released videos that parody some of the greatest boy bands in pop history. Weeks after BTR paid homage in their "Like Nobody's Around" clip, The Wanted put their own stamp on some of the moves originated by *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and more in the video for "Walks Like Rihanna."

So, are there any hard feelings between the boy bands in the wake of the video releases? "You know what? I just watched The Wanted's video that they kind of copied our idea, kind of almost exactly," Carlos Pena told MTV News. "But, I like both songs and, you know, we're kind of representing the old boy bands. It was kind of an homage."

Plus, James Maslow added, "Well, you know, it's a good idea, so..."

So, with the guys of BTR cool with the fellas of The Wanted, they opened up a bit more about what it was like to make the "Like Nobody's Around" video, which reimagined the Temptations, The Jackson 5 and New Kids on the Block.

Maslow explained, "It was a lot of fun to make though. We got to go in and look into the history of boy bands. We did our best to in a lighthearted sense to replicate and duplicate and make our own what they did and then kind of ends with modern day. It ends with us, Big Time Rush. We've been doing this four or five years now and we're still having a hell of a lot of fun."

MTV News caught up with one of the boy bands featured in both videos, Backstreet Boys, who wondered if the bands had any clue they were making similar music videos.

"We haven't seen the Big Time Rush yet," Howie Dorough told us last week. "I heard on Mario Lopez [on 'Extra'] that they were going to do something. I was like 'Ah man, I wonder if they knew The Wanted just did the same thing.' "