Hangout Festival Takes The Party Offstage In Seven Best Moments

From celebrity photobombing to big, wet shrimp kisses, some of the best action at this weekend's fest was on the beach.

The fourth annual Hangout Music Festival is now officially in the books and throughout the weekend, there were a ton of great moments, both onstage and off. Throughout the weekend, we had guest correspondence from EDM star Dillon Francis, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, former Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb and "Jersey Shore" alum Vinny Guadagnino covering all the sweaty action on the beach and downtown Gulf Shores.

Here's the eight best offstage moments that captured the beachy vibes of Hangout Fest.

Vinny Photobombs Fans

Hangout Fest's beach setting is an ideal spot for fans to snap up candid digi-memories, and Vinny took advantage of the situation by dropping in on several group shots. The result? Some mild fan annoyance before putting two and two together.

Sway Finds A Rapper

Kendrick Lamar was running a bit late for his Hangout Fest set, so to entertain the crowd, Sway went looking for a few "real MCs." Surprisingly enough, he found one in 19-year-old Matt Webb, a physical therapy student from nearby Pensacola State. Watch the crowd erupt.

Chrissy And Katherine Hit The Mega-Drop

One of the main beach attractions in Gulf Shores is a rickety-looking thrill ride called the Mega-Drop. It's simple: you go to the top of a giant pole and the contraption drops you... fast. Chrissy and Katherine really attempted to keep their fear in check.

An Ol' Fashion Shrimp Eatin' Contest

Being at Gulf Shores, it's smart to indulge in one of the region's prized possessions — seafood. Chrissy and Katherine indulged big time. Watch as they inhale a whole bunch of shrimp in a short amount of time. The winner got a big, wet shrimp kiss.

Dillon Francis Goes Suit Shopping

We set up Dillon Francis on a beach-date with Chrissy. Note: when going on a date with a model, you gotta look the part and that part isn't swim trunks. Watch as he hits up the Waterfront Rescue Mission, a local thrift store in search of the perfect suit. He does find a blazer but things become a little fowl, too. (Pun intended.)

Vinny and Chrissy's Selfie Challenge

Of the 40,000 Hangout attendees, we're pretty sure that every single person took at least one selfie over the weekend. Impressive, sure. But Vinny and Chrissy took 16 each in 30 seconds. Watch as they battle it out on the beach.

Dillon and Chrissy Get Wet

Hey, remember that suit Dillon bought for his date with Chrissy? Well, it became a bathing suit. Plopped right down in the middle of Hangout Fest rests a giant waterslide. So we forced them to take a ride.