Fiery 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Scene Hurt The Most: Ouch!

One stunt nearly cost Zachary Quinto his skin, he told 'MTV First.'

If "Star Trek Into Darkness" signals anything about the future of fashion, it's that most of the outfits worn by interspace travelers will be skin-tight. The crew of the Enterprise don a few different svelte outfits during the course of the sequel, but one member avoided the sleek looks. "I didn't have any super skin-tight action in this film," Zachary Quinto said. "I had more cumbersome."

Spock's cumbersome outfit was a volcano heat suit from in the opening scene. It wasn't skin-tight, Quinto told "MTV First," but it came with its own complications.

"It was so much fun. I just remember, I would put that thing on. It would take about 15 or 20 minutes to get into it, and between takes, I couldn't fully sit down," Quinto said. "The shoulder plate would fit directly between the arm rest on the director's chair, and I would just sit there waiting for however long it would take for the next shot."

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An exclusive clip MTV debuted with the interview shows a portion of the volcano scene, an action sequence that has Spock — and Quinto's stunt double — drop from above onto the rocky floor. Once the first portion of the fall was filmed, Quinto would come in and "would land and sell it at the end." But that was easier said than done.

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"There was a mic in the helmet and a speaker, and the microphone had broken, so I could not communicate with J.J. or the [assistant directors] would were 50 yards away. And there's this giant fire. I was like, 'I'm going to give it to them extra. This is going to be great,' " Quinto recalled. "So I land and I go to roll, and my neck skin got caught in between the helmet [and my shoulder].... I didn't know how serious it was. I didn't know what was happening, really."

The crew, including Abrams, didn't know what had happened because of the malfunctioning microphone, but that all changed after the shot. "He took the helmet off, and it looked like there was a caterpillar on your neck," Abrams said.

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