Demi Lovato's Summer Plans? Spend It Like 'A Boss'

Lovato tells MTV News she'll be busy with 'X Factor,' a few concert dates and getting her tonsils out — 'without painkillers.'

There won't be many lazy summer days on Demi Lovato's schedule this year. The singer has a jam-packed season ahead that includes filming the next season of "X Factor," some concerts and promoting her new album, Demi. But she's got something else on her calendar, though, and it has nothing to do with music.

"Actually, this summer I have to get my tonsils out," Lovato revealed during her "Live From MTV" special, explaining that the surgery would probably keep her from going on tour, not to mention her commitment to the Fox singing show. She added, "I'm not sure if this year is the best opportunity to [tour] because 'X Factor' keeps me so busy."

As for having those tonsils removed, Demi boasted she was taking a bad-ass approach: "I'm gonna do it without painkillers, though, 'cause I'm a boss. I say that now!"

With live gigs still planned here and there, fans can catch Demi belting songs from her new LP, but don't expect to hear one of the more emotional tunes on it, especially the deeply personal ballad "Shouldn't Come Back."

"I was just sobbing because it was just built-up emotion that I was finally getting to release in music," Lovato said of recording the track. "And there was a turning point in the song originally about one thing and then ... I was like, 'I want to try something new,' and kind of ... freestyled the lyrics. And I just changed the song completely, and my producers in the studio were like, 'Whoa, it just got heavy.' "

So heavy that Demi said she can't bring herself to sing it in front of fans ... at least not yet. "With those songs, I don't know if I will perform them onstage. To be in front of an audience and be that vulnerable, I don't know if I can do it. ... But I may have to and I may have to get over it and realize that I let the world in on this certain topic and here we go."