Demi Lovato Talks About People Who Inspired Demi's 'Emotional' Songs

Singer tells MTV News that even though past heartbreaks inspire her music, she has 'no resentments.'

Demi Lovato wants your undivided attention on her latest album, Demi.

The pop powerhouse bares all on her latest effort, weaving honest lyrics into power anthems and big ballads. And Lovato says these tracks perfectly describe who she is, which is why there was no hesitation when she decided to appropriately title the album, Demi.

"With this album we are going towards a more mainstream audience," Lovato explained during "Demi Lovato: Live From MTV." "So if there's a lot of people out there who don't know who I am because they didn't watch 'X Factor' or Disney channel or whatever, it is. And so this is the first time that some people are going to be seeing me, and I wanted them to really get to know who I am, but now you do, I'm going to tell you."

And that she does, bouncing back and forth between emotional tales of heartbreak and love. And Lovato wanted to make sure that her story was told by writing 10 out of the 13 tracks.

"With a lot of the music, I feel if you are only signing other people's songs it makes it harder for people to understand your story and relate," Lovato said before admitting that her favorite song at the moment is "Made in the USA." "So it was my goal to write every single song on the album and then I fell in love with songs I didn't write, but who cares...still sound good."

Earlier this year, Lovato told MTV News that when fans listened to her album it would say a lot about where she is in her life right now. So what will her Lovatics learn?

"I'm in a really good place. I'm grateful for everything," Lovato said. "I'm also at a place where I'm in acceptance of every single heartbreak that I've had. I hold no resentments towards anyone, even towards the people that inspire the really emotional songs. I'm over it and now I just want to share my experience with people."