Demi Lovato's Guide To Songwriting: 'It's Like Taking Your Top Off'!

During 'Demi Lovato: Live from MTV,' singer explains why some songs on Demi make her feel 'naked.'

Her album may have pop anthems, empowering ballads and songs made to rule summer radio, but more importantly, Demi Lovato's self-titled fourth album is filled with honesty.

The "Heart Attack" singer is holding nothing back on her just-released album, raising the bar by taking risks with not only her sound, but her lyrics as well.

Lovato touches on all different aspects of relationships on Demi, from a lighthearted fling in "Something That We're Not" to holding on to the hope of a lost love with "In Case." She drew from personal experience, but during "Demi Lovato: Live From MTV," she confessed that writing about specific people in your life isn't as easy as you think.

"Not only does it draw up different emotions because there are songs about heartbreak and there are songs of just wanting to hook up," Lovato said. "And you never want the person you wrote about to hear that song and feel bad. I never want that to happen. But at the same time, it's coming from a personal experience, and if it turns out to be a great song and you're like, 'Well, sorry.'

More than anything, the "X Factor" judge is thrilled she created songs people can relate to, even if it put her in a very vulnerable position.

"There are songs that are pretty self-explanatory on this album and when I played those songs in front of other people I almost felt, like, naked," Lovato said. "There were several times I had to leave the room."

"Shouldn't Come Back" was one track she had a particularly hard time laying down the vocals for, as it brought to light so many different emotions. And as it turns out, parts of the song were improv.

"I was sobbing because it was built-up emotion that I was finally getting to release in music," Lovato said. "And there was a turning point in the song, it was originally about one thing and then ... I just kind of freestyled the lyrics and I just changed the song completely. And my producers were like 'Woah, that just got heavy.' "

While she touches on heavy subject matters, she says songwriting has been liberating, or as she describes, "like taking your top off."