'American Idol' Finale Leaves Kree Harrison 'Speechless'

'I was definitely happy and looking forward to [the finale],' rival Candice Glover tells MTV News.

Either way the votes come down, when the confetti explodes Thursday night, we will have our first female "American Idol" winner in six seasons. And both women in contention are still a bit surprised to even be in the running.

"Shock. Literally, I'm still speechless, I don't know what to say about being the top two," Port Arthur, Texas, native Harrison, 22, said when MTV News asked how it felt to make it to the "Idol" finale, which kicks off Wednesday night (May 15). "It hasn't sunk in yet. But I'm so happy and proud of myself. I can't believe I get to sing for America for another week. That's an amazing thing to think about."

Her competitor, Candice Glover, said she's such a perfectionist that she found something wrong with every one of her performances to date on the show. But clearly the audience at home did not agree, because the 23-year-old from St. Helena Island, South Carolina, is one night away from being crowned the next "American Idol."

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Though the three-time "Idol" auditioner was beating herself up about those perceived mistakes, before last week's performance show, Glover said she woke up and told herself that even if it was the end of the line, top three is pretty amazing.

"You don't have anything to worry about, you're fine," she told herself at the time. "Don't cry and scream and run all over the stage." She did all those things last week when the results were revealed, but in a good way. "I was definitely happy and looking forward to [the finale]."

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