Chris Brown Follows Drake By Using Unheard Aaliyah In New Song

Breezy teases 'They Don't Know,' featuring 'never-before-heard' vocals from late singer.

Rihanna isn't the only one who has a duet on Chris Brown's upcoming X album. On Tuesday Breezy revealed that he has a special upcoming collaboration with fallen singer Aaliyah and has even shot a video for the track.

"I just actually shot a video and I did it and the song is dedicated to all my fans, but it's called 'They Don't Know' but this song features Aaliyah," Brown said on Tuesday while he attended a Los Angeles press conference for the upcoming 2013 BET Awards where he was announced as a performer when the live show airs on June 30.

X is scheduled for release on July 16, but with a music video already in the can, it seems as if fans may get to hear the track (and see the vid) beforehand. "I shot it in the hood, I went to the 60s. I went to Cedar block," Brown said in an Associated Press video of the infamous South Los Angeles neighborhood. "It's both worlds, it's bringing both words together in the video trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and just showing them where I'm from."

Brown is actually from Tappahannock, Virginia, but currently resides in Los Angeles and can relate to growing up in an impoverished neighborhood he said.

As far as the actual song goes, Chris promises that both his and Aaliyah's fans are in for a treat. "[I got] never-before-heard vocals, all new stuff that's never been heard before," he boasted.

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Last August, Brown's rival Drake dropped his own posthumous Aaliyah collaboration titled "Enough Said." The Noah "40" Shebib-produced track didn't depart from the moody soul sound that Aaliyah was known for before she tragically passed away in 2001, but a large portion of her fan base bucked at the collaboration.

Still, Brown sounds confident about his song. "I got something special for my fans," he said.