Demi Lovato Opens Up On Demi, Hangs With Lovatics And Draws Dirty Pics

'Heart Attack' singer stops by MTV News to celebrate her new release.

Demi Lovato wanted a really special place to celebrate the release of her brand-new album, out Tuesday (May 14). She spent the morning with her mom blasting Demi and driving around New York City, but she decided to make a pit stop at MTV to hang out with her fans for an extra-fun release party.

In the half-hour that was "Demi Lovato: Live From MTV," Lovatics got a breakdown of the album's songs, asked the singer questions and played charades. And, you know, it was Demi, so of course we were going to get a down-to-earth interview with heart-to-hearts and honest answers. But when it came to games with the audience, we weren't really expecting her to get raunchy.

Along with playing "kittyoke," MTV's version of karaoke that only uses "meows," Demi sat down with an iPad to draw out the titles of her songs for the Lovatics to guess. For "Made in the U.S.A.," she drew a American flag, which fans got right away. Easy peezy! But when it came to drawing "Heart Attack" and "Nightingale," Lovatics were left a little confused with the, um, male genitalia projected behind her. (Make sure you watch the clips for the full hilarity to sink in.)

Lovato got serious after a few laughs and began talking about the writing process on her album. She told fans that she only didn't write three out of the 13 songs on the album, so her internal voice went deep into the making of the LP.

"I feel like if you're only singing other people's songs, it makes it harder for people to understand your story and relate," she said. "It was my goal to write every single song on the album, and then I fell in love with songs I didn't write."

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Writing "Shouldn't Come Back" was one of the songs were she made a lot of changes because of the extreme emotion she was feeling.

"There was a turning point in the song where it was about one thing, but I was like, 'I want to try something new.' So I just like, sang, kind of free-styled the lyrics, and I just changed the song completely. And my producers in the studio were like, 'Whoa, this just got heavy.' "

The "Heart Attack" diva spilled about her second go on "X Factor," revealing there might be a judge announcement in the next week. "I've gotten close to some of the contestants. Now, I just, I want to see new talent. I want to be part of that journey again. It just makes you feel really great." And will enjoy sitting next to frenemy Simon Cowell? "I didn't say that," she joked.