Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Deemed 'Most Confusing Relationship' By Fans

Between all the ups and downs of Jelena's highly publicized romance, fans just want to know: 'wtf??'

All it took was a "yep" for Selena Gomez to confirm that she and Justin Bieber are indeed over. Since first inciting breakup rumors last November, Jelena have reconciled and split up so many times it's hard to keep count.

The "Come & Get It" singer admitted to InStyle that her relationship with Bieber had a lot of "crazy and very intense" ups and downs. And fans are starting to feel it, too.

Ever since Gomez confirmed her single status in a radio interview last week, fans have a pretty clear message for the twosome: Their relationship woes are just plain "confusing."

"I'm so confused people say that Selena and Justin are not together. Oh wtf??" @IloEl wrote. ‏@Bieberlights_xx mirrored that statement, adding, "Are Justin and Selena together or not this is definitely the most confusing relationship I've ever witnessed."

@avonwave added, "I don't need a boyfriend because Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's relationship is enough stress for me." @ofwgktajbs agreed, writing "ive had enough of this bipolar relationship."

And, don't expect to see them together on the small screen either. It was recently rumored that she and Bieber may join the next season of "American Idol" together, joining the ranks of other teen stars-turned-judges like "X Factor" mentor Demi Lovato. But, Gomez shut down the rumor, explaining that she's too "sensitive" to properly judge a show like "Idol."

But even though they may not be together at the moment, many fans are optimistic that the two will end up together someday. @MySelBieber wrote, "I hate that we don't know exactly what's happening between Justin and Selena. I want them to be together so bad."