Owl City’s Oreo Commercial Has Him Feeling ‘Wonderfilled’

'Backstage, there's always Oreos,' Adam Young says of his new commercial for the cookie.

On Sunday night, sandwiched between the dour denouement of Don Draper’s latest affair and a whole lot of discussion about margarine on “Mad Men,” Oreo officially unveiled its brand-new “Wonderfilled” campaign with a cutesy, 90-second cartoon featuring a jingle sung by Owl City.

Over some seriously whimsical animation — seriously, it’s like Etsy exploded — Adam Young ponders the life-altering powers of the frosting-filled cookies (sample line: “Wonder if I gave an Oreo/to a vampire in creepy show/Would he not act so undead/Would he thirst for milk instead?”) And, in an era where most folks simply fast-forward through commercials thanks to the magic of TiVo, the “Wonderfilled” spot managed to stop and make people pay attention … which, is nice and all for Young; though, to be fair, he’s more interested in the message the ad conveys.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.