Demi Lovato Has 'Crazy Idea' For Britney Spears' 'X Factor' Seat

'Anything is possible,' said the singer, who will grace 'Live From MTV' tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET on

And then there were two. Right now, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell are the only two folks sitting on the "X Factor" judges table after both L.A. Reid and Britney Spears parted ways with the series. So, what's next?

Well, Lovato, who is stopping by the MTV Newsroom on Tuesday for an live stream at 3 p.m. ET, dished that there are some A-list acts in the running to join the show. Simon has even reached out to Demi for ideas. "Yes! He has! I'll like text him and be like 'I have a crazy idea!' And he's like 'Who? Talk to me!' And I'll like call him or whatever and we'll talk," she told MTV News on Monday (May 13) at the Fox upfront presentation. "I'm not letting you know any of them. You'll find out soon enough. We have to make a decision soon."

As it turns out, the sky's the limit when it comes to the names being tossed around. She added, "Simon is like 'Anything is possible.' Last year we had Britney Spears. That was incredible."

While Spears won't be back for more "X Factor" fun for the show's third season, her mentoring was felt by more than just the contestants before her departure. "What I learned from Britney is that you don't have to change. Her family, we laughed several times, 'cause our families are so similar. Our moms are super close now," she revealed. "And our dads are really similar. She has this southern down-to-earth family. And she's still a southern down-to-earth girl. I already knew that you don't have to change in the industry, but even at her level of success being the icon that she is, it was really refreshing."

She also learned a thing or two from herself. "The thing that I learned in my first season of the 'X Factor' was, I mean I already knew I'm a bit of a control freak but I think I had this idea, this vision of what I wanted as what my ideal winner of the competition and with this time I'm going to keep an open mind and have fun," she said. "And not be so focused on the competition aspect of it. I think I'm just going to relax and have fun."

To hear more from Demi about her next season on "X Factor" stick with MTV News on Tuesday, the day her self-titled album arrives, for a 30-minute "Live From MTV" live stream on and MTV Hits, where she will take questions from her fans.

Lovato will hang out with MTV News as well as a group of her biggest fans for an exclusive interview at 3 p.m. ET. Have any questions for Demi? Join the conversation by tweeting @MTVBuzzworthy using the hashtag #AskDemi.