Kendrick Lamar Strikes Somber And Celebratory Notes In 'Don't Kill My Vibe' Video

Long-awaited clip finds K-Dot at a funeral and ends with the words 'Death to Molly' flashing on the screen.

Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" was a fan favorite before Jay-Z laid down his verse for the remix, so the clamor for a video to flesh out the critically acclaimed song reached fever pitch among Kendrick's acolytes after Hov breathed new life into it. Well, K-Dot fans, the wait is over.

Unfortunately, Jay is nowhere to be found in the new video, but the good kid, m.A.A.d city spitter still made good on the visuals, which begin with MTV's Hottest MC cloaked in all-white linen, sitting in a church pew at a closed-casket funeral service for an unidentified loved one. In between somber notes, the Compton native sneaks in a few celebratory cameos, in the limo and in the open field where the procession ends and the casket is delivered by the pallbearers, also dressed in all-white.

Juicy J makes a cameo, as does funnyman Mike Epps, who provides the comic relief, baptizing the TDE frontman in liquor and posing with him in front of the casket. Perhaps the video's most important message, though, comes at the end, when the words "Death to Molly" flash in white letters on a black screen. The message is not explained further, but Danny Brown, a known TDE associate, took to Twitter to offer up his thoughts.

"I hope this new KDot video do make people stop f---ing wit #Molly," he tweeted, referring to the drug.

Kendrick Lamar is currently on the road with DJ Steve Aoki for the Verge Campus Tour; he kicks off his own world tour on May 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.