Happy Mother's Day From 'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny And His Mom!

Vinny and Paola Guadagnino celebrate the holiday with a game of 'Momma Knows Best.'

Since the finale of "Jersey Shore," Vinny Guadagnino has been spending quite a bit of time with his mom, Paola. Not only did he move back into her Staten Island home, but the two are also working together on his brand-new series "The Show With Vinny," which means they're spending a lot of time together.

In fact, Vinny said it might be the most time he's spent with her in his entire life.

"Besides, like, when I was a baby and you never put me down," Vinny told his mom when he brought her and Uncle Nino along for an MTV News interview.

"I didn't put you down for the first five years of your life," she replied. "I have a broken hipbone because of it."

Even though Paola appears to drive him crazy in the reality/talk show, Vinny shrugged his shoulders and grinned when referred to as "a momma's boy" by his uncle.

"There was one particular time, Mother's Day, he was young, and he wasn't allowed to walk anywhere alone," his mom recalled when asked a favorite memory of her son. "He walked like half a mile, and he came back with a gift for me. But he was young, he wasn't allowed to do that, and he did it anyway. He got yelled at for doing that, but he did."

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With Mother's Day just around the corner (on Sunday), MTV News thought it would be fun to dive a little bit deeper in the pair's relationship with a game we like to call "Momma Knows Best." During the game, Vinny asked his mom how to handle a series of made-up scenarios.

From what to do if Taylor Swift writes a song about him ("What do you mean? You call her up and say, 'Thank you!' " she replied) to how to handle a clogged toilet ("Call Roto-Rooter"), Paola had quick responses to a majority of the situations. That is, until Vinny dropped one bomb in particular.

"My girlfriend tells me she's pregnant," Vinny began. "And says ... "

"Oh my God, Vinny," she interrupted.

"I didn't even finish!" Vinny replied. "My girlfriend tells me she's pregnant and she wants to move into the house with us. What do I do?"

Taking so much pride in being a parent, Paola can't imagine why the imaginary girlfriend would want to live with anyone but her own mom. "Where's her mother?" she asked. "Why would she want to move in with us?"

After coming to terms with the scenario, she welcomed Vinny's hypothetical baby and baby-mama-to-be into her home with open arms. "If she had no mother or if she couldn't get her mother, absolutely."

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