The Wanted Say They're 'Not The Same' Without Nathan Sykes

Group talks about how 'weird' it's been without Sykes, who is recovering from vocal cord surgery.

Nathan Sykes might be down, but his bandmates in The Wanted aren't counting him out. Weeks after he underwent vocal cord surgery, the U.K. boy band is holding onto the hope they will soon be a fivesome again.

"You know for the first time in three years, in our careers, we're actually on time to every interview, which is slightly strange," Tom Parker joked to E! News. "But, yeah, obviously it's weird because we've never been apart. He's doing all right. I mean, we probably won't know for another month or so until he actually makes recovery and starts singing again. But he's doing good."

Jay McGuiness noted that "he's definitely in better spirits than when he first came round."

While the outlook looks positive that the 20-year-old will be wanted once again, Max George further explained, "There's a bit of a worry there. He's only young as well so the chances are he's going to be OK. But obviously there's always that underlying worry. It's a huge operation that he had. The signs, so far, have been really good, so fingers crossed."

His recovery comes at a crucial time in the band's career. They just dropped their new single "Walks Like Rihanna" off their 2013 album release and will debut their E! reality series, "The Wanted Life," on June 2.

"He's coming back!... whether his vocal range is affected or his singing [is], he's definitely going to be a part of the group," Jay noted, with Tom adding, "He'll just get paid less, half the percentage of all of us."

Late last month, MTV News spoke to the band's manager, Scooter Braun, who shared what it's been like in the wake of his announced "unforeseen hiatus" to recover from vocal cord surgery. "We're worried, but he's in recovery right now and we're being optimistic. Our prayers go out to him and right now we don't know. We're just waiting to see how he reacts to the surgery," he said.

"They want him back, so you know they're calling daily and he can't really speak. But we're trying to keep his spirits up," he added. "And letting him know the group's not the same without him."