'Glee' Season Five Should Be Set On 'Wacky Cruise Ship,' Darren Criss Says

'Anything can happen on 'Glee' and anything certainly has, so who knows?' Criss tells MTV News of what's in store for Fox series.

What might be in store for the kids of "Glee" now that the fourth season has wrapped up? Well, Darren Criss doesn't know all that much, but he's got some big dreams for Blaine and the crew.

While much of this past season involved working out the kinks of having the Gleeks scattered across the country, Criss is proposing a plan for season five that would bring the band together.

"I always joke I want the show to go, like all great teen comedy clichés, I kind of want to go to the summer job land," he told MTV News, referring to a turn "Saved by the Bell" took in season three when the characters worked together at a beachside resort. "They all have the same summer job, preferably someplace nice like a beach ... so that'd be cool. Maybe a cruise ship? Maybe a wacky cruise ship, and we can spend a season on the ocean. Actually that sounds kind of bad. Something nice and exotic would be pretty cool. We can be the entertainment on the boat."

With that scenario unlikely to unfold anytime soon, Criss tried to imagine what life might look like for Blaine come season five and beyond.

"I don't know. The problem is anybody who watches the show knows there's so much going on; there's a lot of characters. It's a lot of kids in various different places. And the reality is when you're shooting a television show, there are real hard, fast things you can and cannot do," he explained. "You have to build sets and ... kind of be economical about things, not just monetarily but intellectually. You need to maintain things so people can keep themselves in a certain box. That sounds negative. But they have to keep them in a frame that you can keep track of."

He added, "So that's my way of saying I imagine he'll probably stay somewhere in the realm that we exist now. But I have no idea. He can go to New York. He can stay in Lima, Ohio; or maybe they will start building new sets once the graduation happens in the middle of the next season, presumably. And this isn't giving anything away 'cause I don't know anything that's gonna happen."

Just because Criss doesn't know what's in store doesn't mean it isn't fun to speculate. "So, I think Blaine comes from a little bit of money. He went to Dalton Academy. This is all my actor stuff talking. He went to a private school and has very expensive taste. That hair gel can't be cheap either," he joked. "I assume college is in his future. Anything can happen on 'Glee' and anything certainly has ... so who knows? For all I know he can join the circus, for all I care. That could be amazing. That could be a total left turn."